Hi Grant here from Airvortex.   My passion for helping others get their engines performing better started when I tried the products you see on this website along with a close friend.  The results we had astonished us as many other products just didn’t cut it that we had tried.  I asked if I could be an agent as I felt experienced enough to install these products with my background in electronics and exposure to engines and many experienced people around me as well as the wealth of experience my suppliers have given me since starting out in Brisbane in 2005.     The car detailing side came about in the drought of the time and waterless car products were in their infancy in Australia.  I watched another one man band punch out gleaming prestige and normal cars day after day with no water.  I tried the products as my car was looking shaby and the results were as good as a paint protection I paid hundreds of dollars for a year earlier and I could do it easily in my own garage.  So I started selling the products.  Somehow people were more interested in me cleaning them than buying the products so now I still use those products and have branched out into cleaning up all sorts of disasters and bringing them back to gleaming clean machines of all sorts.

Hilux after full detail, plus having 2 Hiclones installed and ITG Air filter


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